Project IT Consulting

At the current moment I am the sol employee of Willamette Support, so I find it only fitting to provide a list of things that I am skilled in and a little information about me. Please reach out to me for an IT related projects so that I can discuss how relevant they are to my skill set.

Hello, I'm Nick Bradford of Willamette IT Support. Below is an overview of my areas of expertise to give you a first idea of what I can do to make the IT side if your business working smoothly. If you are looking for support in a particular area that is not listed below, don't worry and send us a message anyway. It is true, the area of Information Technology (IT) is a constantly developing and changing field. The good news is: I am an extremely quick learner, and I believe I can do/learn anything under the sun as long as it relates to technology. New things take a certain amount of time to learn, but I am very thorough in the knowledge that I retain, and I can pick up on new software and hardware subjects quickly! This means, I can offer you my IT expertise combined with my flexibility - either on a remote or a more hands-on basis.

I'm proficient in a variety of Linux flavors and functions:


  • Arch

    • Archy

    • Manjaro

  • Debian

    • Ubuntu

    • Lubuntu

    • Mint

    • Parrot

    • Fedora

Linux Functions:

  • Apache


  • Word Press

  • MySQL

    • PHP My Admin

  • PHP

  • NodeJS

  • React

  • User Management

  • Citrix Shell Workstations

  • Shell Scripting

Nick Bradford

I have studied Computer Science at Oregon State University, and I've been working in IT since 2017. (However, my passion for all things IT does go back much further than that!) I have been developing my skill set ever since:

I am proficient in the following:

  • Window 7/10

    • Custom Imaging

    • Decentralized Management (management without a DC)

  • Windows Server 2016/2019+

    • Licencing

    • Virtualization

      • Hyper-V

      • Remote Apps

    • Active Directory

    • Group Policy

    • Exchange 2012+ Hosting

    • SharePoint 2019+ Hosting

    • Intranets

  • Office 365

    • Licencing

    • Emails/User Management

    • Azure Management (Device and User)

    • SharePoint/One Drive

  • G Suite

    • Complete Setup

    • User Management

    • Mobile Management

    • Web Hosting

  • Advance Networks

    • Ubiquiti

      • Wi-Fi

      • VPNs

      • Long Range Wireless Point to Point

    • MicroTek

      • Wi-Fi

      • VPNs

    • Open Source Networking Systems

      • DDWRT

        • Wi-Fi

        • Short Range Point to Point

      • Advanced Tomato

        • Wi-Fi

        • Short Range Point to Point