Managed IT Consulting

Is Your Company Making Leaps and Bounds?

Let's make sure your technology can keep up with it!

Willamette IT support is here for you to help you navigate your way through anything IT and technology related, and to stay organized while doing it. You take care of your business. We take care of the technical side.

An Existing Project Needs Completion?

We navigate a sea of technical information and organize it so you can understand what is going on.

Sometimes, budgets run short and projects get abandoned. We can continue where others have stopped and complete your unfinished IT projects.

Just Getting Started?

  • What kind of technical equipment do you need?

  • When do certain investments make sense?

  • Who takes care of your IT?

We will work with you to develop a plan for your technical setup.

Areas of Expertise

Small Office Setups

    • Hardware Recommendations

      • Desktops

      • Laptops

      • Tablets

      • Cell Phones

      • Printers

    • Business Phone Numbers

Large Office System Setups & Configurations

    • Office Servers

      • Self Hosting

      • Active Directory

      • File Servers

      • Print Servers

    • Office Phones

    • Printers

    • Managed Wi-Fi

Professional E-mail Configuration


    • Office 365

    • Exchange Server

    • G Suite

    • Linux Self Hosting

Online Advertising

    • Targeting Audience Optimization

    • Search Engine Optimization

    • Facebook Ad Console

    • Google Ads

Technical Setup Budgeting

    • Complete Internet Options Assessments

    • Reselling of old Equipment

Website Development

    • G Suite

    • WordPress

    • C-Panel

    • Drupal

    • React

    • NodeJS

Compliance Assistance

    • PCI

    • HIPPA

    • FERPA

    • ADA

Custom Company Changes

    • Allowing Employees to work remotely

    • Email/Suite Migrations

    • Website Host Migration