Enterprise Support

Available MSP Packages

Basic Support Package

5 hrs/month

  • Support

  • Basic monitoring and maintenance

Professional Support Package

15 hrs/month

  • support

  • basic monitoring & maintenance

  • digital documentation

  • backup verification

Premium Support Package

20 hrs/month

  • support

  • basic monitoring & maintenance

  • digital documentation

  • off-site backups

  • monthly reports

Custom Package

If you require more than 20 hours of monthly support and additional services not listed under add-ons please contact us for a customized offer.


Managed Wi-Fi

Willamette IT Support can manage your business' Wi-Fi to ensure no one is interacting with your network in a malicious way. We can also provide a guarantee for a strong Wi-Fi signal through your entire place of business.

Server Management

Do you have a server that needs to be organized and optimally configured? We here to help.

G Suite Management

If you have a G Suite setup with all your emails, we can support mobile devices and Chromebooks ensuring that everything is running as intended on a regular basis.

Office 365 Management

Office 365 is a wonderful suite for small or large business, but it can be a complex process to maintain. We are here to help.

Compliance Assistance

We can provide technical consultation with compliance assistance for HIPPA, FERPA, ADA, and PCI.

MacOS Support

Willamette Support can provide support for MacOS devices at an additional cost per device.

Data Destruction

We delete all the data that is on the drive and then perform a wipe operation on the drive that makes all data irrecoverable to even the most advanced recovery methods.

E-Mail Filtering

Are you tired of getting spam emails on your customized email? We can provide advanced email spam filtering services.