About Me

About Me

Hello, my name is Nick Bradford, and I am the owner of Willamette IT Support.

You might have already seen the overview of my areas of expertise. (Otherwise, you can find it here.)

However, when you hire Willamette IT Support, it is me who will take care of the IT side of your business. So, who is this guy whom you will be giving access to such an important and sensitive matter?

First of all, I have always been passionate about computers, ever since I was a little kid. I started really early: The first thing I remember wanting for Christmas was... a laptop! But seeing as laptops were a pretty expensive "toy" for a toddler, that did not happen for a while.

Instead, I actually figured out how to take old discarded computers apart and make them work again. That's how I could afford my first equipment.

It wasn't until I was in high school though, that I really started understanding computers and what makes them work. I started with simple c++ code in Robotics Class, and close to my senior year I got into Linux systems. I was able to invest the pay from my farm work into various computer parts and software, which allowed me to greatly expand my knowledge of hardware and software systems. I familiarized myself Ubuntu, but quickly moved to Arch and customized my own "flavor" throughout my college years.

While in college, I had the great chance to take up a student worker position in an IT department at Oregon State University. It became very clear that I had truly found my passion! Therefore, it was only logical for me to stick with the IT business, and I began working at Pacific Office Automation, a major IT company in the West and Mid-Western states. I gained all the knowledge I could while working there, but eventually decided to go for it, become my own boss, and start my very own business.

Since then, I have been constantly expanding my knowledge in networking. I don't always "hide" behind my computer, but also enjoy meeting people. Therefore, while many tasks can be performed on a remote, "virtual" basis, I gladly offer more in-person service for my local/regional customers in the Willamette/Linn County region here in Oregon.

Recently I have moved to Linn County and I am excited to have the opportunity to find new people and build some new relationships with people in the area. Although, it should be noted that I am not one to shy away from a long drive to meet clients if needed.

I find contract work to be quite exhilarating, as every job is unique in its own way - just like the people I get to meet on the job.